Development Guidelines

The residents of Brush Park met over the course of several months to develop a set of development guidelines to assist developers in understanding the types of developments that are likely to be supported by the community. The CDC uses these guidelines, along with the Brush Park Development Plan filed with the City of Detroit, in making a decision to support a particular project. 

Download the Guidelines

In addition to suggested development guidelines, all structures should be designed within the parameter of the Fourth Modification to Brush Park Development Plan

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The City of Detroit is currently in the process of revising the development guidelines for Brush Park.  The new regulatory document, the Brush Park Form-Based Code, is expected to be completed at the end of 2018/early 2019.  For more information, visit the City's website and review the presentation to the CDC about form-based codes. 


CDC Role in Brush Park Development

The CDC reviews proposals for the sale and design of City-owned property for purposes of a specified development. The CDC's role is advisory and represents the an opinion of whether the residents of the neighborhood as a whole support the development of the project as submitted. 

The final and binding decision on transfers of land and development plans are made by the City of Detroit Planning and Development and the Historic District Commission, City of Detroit. 

A failure to receive the support of the CDC will not automatically result in an application being denied by the City of Detroit - the CDC's vote is advisory. 


Expectations for Brush Park Developers

The Brush Park community is very excited about the revitalization of our neighborhood. We ask that developers understand the following expectations on interacting with the CDC during the course of your development: 

  1. All development materials, schematics, drawings etc... should be forwarded to in addition to any other CDC contact
  2. The CDC will require at least bi-monthly updates on the status of your project. Those updates should be submitted in writing to the CDC at  We may ask that you attend meetings to present significant changes to the community. 
  3. All developers must complete this FORM to assist the CDC in managing projects.


List of Development Projects

  1. RFP for Brush/Watson Parcel

  2. 112 Edmund, 2827 John R & 105 Alfred Projects

    • Design Drawings (November 2017)

    • Please note the earlier version of the 112 Edmund project submitted by this developer as noted below. 

  3. SoMA Brush Park Mixed Use Project - at John R. & Erskine

  4. 42 Watson Neighborhood Bar - on Watson Street

  5. Brush Park South  - on Brush Street between 1-75 and Adelaide

  6. Brush Park Village North Condominiums - John R. & Erskine

  7. Fraternal Civic Center - 114 Erskine

  8. City Modern Detroit [Parcels A/B (Bedrock Development)]

  9. 2515 Brush, 281 & 291 Winder - Sypitkowski Proposal

    • Development of empty parcels located at the addresses noted above. 

    • Initial presentation (June 2015)

  10. Rainbow Childcare Center Development

  11. 64 Watson Redevelopment
    • Redevelopment of the existing dilapidated building located at 64 Watson
    • Initial Presentation (April 2015)
    • Supported by CDC
  12. Joie De Vivre Boutique Hotel
    • New construction of a boutique hotel/restaurant located at the Northeast intersection of 1-75 Service Drive and Brush Street.
    • Initial Presentation (February 2015)
    • Supported by CDC
    • Development Project has been Cancelled
  13. Tolan Park
    • Redevelopment of the existing park located at the Northwest corner of Mack and I-75)
    • Initial Presentation (Coming Soon)
  14. The Scott at Brush Park (previously Erskine Lofts Development)
  15. 112 Edmund Place
  16. 2490-2476 Brush 
    • New construction of a restaurant located at the Northeast corner of Brush and I-75. This has been collapsed into the Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel Project. 
    • Initial presentation (August 2014)
    • Supported by the CDC
  17. 312 Watson
    1. Redevelopment of existing home located at 312 Watson 
    2. Initial Presentation (June 2014)
    3. Supported by the CDC
  18. Patterson Terrace 
    • Redevelopment of half-completed project located at 203, 209 and 213 Erskine and 3412 John R. 
    • Initial Presentation
    • Supported by CDC
  19. Keleman House Project