Brush Park CDC
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Dedicated to the Growth and Development of Brush Park


Advocates for our Neighborhood

Brush Park is a Historic Neighborhood located within Detroit, Michigan. The Brush Park Community Development Corporation (previously, the Brush Park Citizen's District Council, the "CDC") is an advisory organization established to provide citizen participation in planning and development issues for the neighborhood of Brush Park and promote the continual development of the neighborhood. 

CDC Community Meetings are generally held quarterly on the Second Tuesday of March, June, September and November from 5:30-6:30pm at the MSU Center located at Woodward and Erskine (3408 Woodward, Detroit MI 48201).

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What We Do


We provide an avenue for resident feedback on the development of vacant parcels and redevelopment of dilapidated property in the Neighborhood to further collaborative efforts with developers to transform our Neighborhood. Click HERE to view all of the development projects presented before the community. 

Connecting with city government

We provide feedback and recommendations to the City of Detroit concerning the developments of property in the Neighborhood. We inform the City on issues that affect Brush Park and advocate for policies that protect our community. The CDC is currently working with the City on the Form Based Code and On-Street Parking Issues. 


Historic preservation

We are committed to highlighting and honoring the historic roots of Brush Park. We are currently working with the City of Detroit Historic District Commission to discuss historic preservation initiatives for our Neighborhood. 

connecting neighbors

We host events to help our neighbors connect with each other, such as our Annual Holiday Party and Summer Gathering. We organize neighborhood beautification days and other initiatives to make Brush Park a great place to live. 


Support Us

The CDC is not funded by the City of Detroit or any other government funds. We rely on donations from the community to fund all of our expenses. Please consider donating to support our efforts.