Brush Park CDC

Form Based Code

Form Based Code

The CDC has been working with the City Planning Commission (“CPC”) over the past several years to provide community input on a modern development plan for Brush Park, the Form Based Code (“FBC”). Please visit the City’s Website for the most up to date information. The intent of the FBC is to, among other things:

  • to provide the Brush Park community predictability in the outcome of development and redevelopment through an efficient administrative permitting process.

  • to provide a diversity of urban housing choices appropriate to Brush Park.

  • to place and permit commercial uses within a safe, comfortable walking distance of residential units.

  • to prevent the development of incompatible suburban development in Brush Park.

  • to encourage mixed-use development in order to reinforce Brush Park as a walkable urban neighborhood.

  • to designate the location of new public spaces to adequately provide recreational opportunities for the growing density of the neighborhood.

  • to designate new streets that align and are safe and secure for pedestrians and non-motorized transit.

  • to ensure that privately owned buildings, development, and land is cohesive with the public realm.

  • to permit the development of attached medium density residential buildings and multi-story, multi-unit, mixed- buildings fronting John r and Brush street.

The proposed final draft of the FBC is currently under review with CPC and the community. Please be sure to review the final draft and send us your comments at CPC will be hosting a public meeting in December 2018 to review this document with the public. We will be sure to send out an announcement with relevant details as soon as they are available.