Brush Park CDC

Brush Park Parking Initiative

Brush Park Parking Initiative


Over the last couple of years, the City of Detroit City has been working with the community to revise the residential permit parking program for Detroit.  Given the unique situation and needs of Brush Park,  the Brush Park Community Development Corporation (“CDC”) is now working closely with the City Planning Commission (“CPC”) to develop a parking plan that best suits our needs.

  • The CDC met with CPC on Monday, February 5, 2018 to kick off this Project.  The action item for CDC was to provide CPC with our recommendations for parking.
  • On February 16 The CDC circulated a community wide parking survey to get input from residents, property owners, business owners and customers in Brush Park. The survey closed on March 2. 
  • The survey received 175 responses during this period. A summary of the results were presented to the community on March 13, 2018. 
  • The CDC is seeking additional input from the community on the CDC's preliminary recommendations (please see below). Please click HERE to provide your input. This survey will close on March 30th. 

Preliminary Recommendations 

Brush Park CDC - Parking Recommendations.png

Click HERE to download our recommendations. 



General Recommendation

  • We recommend that permit parking and paid parking zones be implemented as shown on the map. 

Permit Parking Policy and Procedures: 

  • We recommend that every addressed residence be permitted to participate in the program such that each separately rentable unit in an apartment or home is permitted to acquire a permit.
  • To obtain a permit, we recommend that residents must:
    • Own or lease a car registered to a Brush Park address and use a Brush Park address on their license.
    • Show proof of residency with a signed/valid lease or deed to property
    • Show proof of occupancy with a valid utility bill (e.g. DTE bill)
  • We recommend that permits be tied to license plates so that permits may not be sold and for ease of ticketing (can tie into the existing system for paid parking zones).
  • Permits will be issued or renewed annually. We recommend that only one permit may be issued per license and that the number of permits per addressed residence be limited to two (2).
  • We recommend that permit holders also be required to display a permit sticker in their windshield to facilitate residential self-policing. 
  • For the initial year, we recommend that permits be available for free or at a nominal cost to residents as a pilot program. We believe that the disrespect for parking rules in our neighborhood is so egregious that ticketing proceeds from offenders will easily pay for the permit program and the additional enforcement required. Further, the current lack of enforcement has residents very concerned that they will pay for parking permits and still have no parking due to lack of enforcement. 

Parking Enforcement Recommendations

  • Our understanding of the current rules are that vehicles must be ticketed by police in order to be towed.
  • We recommend additional resources be deployed to enforce the existing parking rules in Brush Park, as well as the permit parking program. We recommend that at least two (2) vehicles from the Detroit parking department monitor parking permit meter violations and at least two (2) police offers monitor other illegal parking violations and ticket parking permit violations.
  • We recommend that the City implore the operators of Ford Field, Comerica Park and Little Caesar’s Arena to provide affordable parking to their employees.  Such parking can be facilitated with off-site parking and shuttles to LCA or passes for the Q-Line.
  • We recommend that the City enforce the existing rules to stop bus idling on the 1-75 Service Drive and within our neighborhood.